Your home's roof stands between the elements and those you love most. With hurricane season in full swing across much of our great nation, you will need to inspect your roof and ensure that it will take any beating that mother nature decides to throw at it.

Bad weather, such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, and massive wind storms, can bring a whole host of damages to your roof with them. Itdoesn't matter where you currently live. Whether you like it or not, at one time or another, you will find yourself susceptible to harsh weather that will, at some point, negatively affect your roof.

Although you can perform the inspections yourself, The choice would better serve you to call upon an expert to take care of the inspections for you. The next step is to understand the effects of bad weather, including hurricanes, on your roof to protect it better.

Bad weather, whether a bad storm or a hurricane, can presentvwith heavy rainfall and strong, damaging winds. These types of storms often leave behind a trail of significant destruction, the results of which can include the following.

Damage to Attachments

During a hurricane or any storm that includes high winds, attachments to your home such as gutters or satellite dishes will most often become displaced if not ripped from the roof. Not only have you lost a satellite or a gutter, but the area where the item was is now exposed to the weather, allowing rain to enter your home and possibly cause further damage.


We all like to have our landscaping around our yard looking nice. However, you must think down the road about any possible damage if a strong storm or hurricane were to hit. Simply put, if you have large bushes or trees near your home, you are asking for possible damage to your roof during a storm. A significant storm can snap trees and toss them here and there like a child's tinker toy. During all this tossing, there is the possibility that they will end up on your roof, causing problems with their extra added weight – or worse.

Exposed Areas

The shingles, tile, or metal on your roof are attached to the wood underbody. If a storm or hurricane comes through, the high winds may pull the outer covering materials lose, exposing the wood beneath. The exposure will allow rain to permeate and develop water damage. The damage can then lead to rot, or at the very least, damage to the underlying insulation and other areas of your home, leading to significantly costly repairs.


When a major storm or hurricane occurs, the rainfall can present a significant amount. With this much rain, the buildup can create quite a bit of weight in such a short span of time. How well you have maintained your roof will play an intregal role in how well it will be able to withstand storms that present with a combination of heavy rain and strong winds. Again,any shingles or tiles that may be damaged or missing will allow rain to seep in, possibly resulting in significant water damage. There is also the consideration that your roof will need to withstand the amount of rain that travels throughout your gutters.

Wind Damage

Although rain also plays a role, wind plays a primary role in the deterioration of most roofs. When referencing wind, we usually mean those wind speeds of up to one hundred miles, if not more. Winds at this high a rate have the capacity to rip the shingles and tiles off of a roof quickly, as well as bend and damage metal roofing. In fact, if the wind speed is great enough, there may be damage to the overall structure and framing of your roof.

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