Our simple Roof replacement Process

Storm Damage

When experience matters most. SFCG has restored thousands of hail and wind damaged properties over the years. Call today for a free storm damage evaluation.

After a storm

Since hail and wind damage is very difficult to gauge from the ground, we recommend calling a reputable roofing company, like SFCG, to come out and inspect your home. We offer this service to homeowners free following a storm. Our representatives go through a thorough inspection process. In some cases, our inspections reveal a roofing system that is in great shape without any damage. In others, when damage is discovered, SFCG will go through a thorough documentation process to ensure that nothing is missed.

Wind damage

Oftentimes, what appears to the homeowner from the ground as minor damage, such as one or two shingles missing, compounds into total roof damage down the road. In many cases, the shingles remain on your roof however, the glue seal securing your shingle becomes broken causing shingles to no longer adhere properly to your roof. It is very important to have a qualified roofer inspect your home after any major windstorm to assess potential damage. Having worked in hurricane and wind- damaged areas, SFCG’s representatives are well versed in identifying wind damage on your home.

hail damage

In many cases, when hail impacts a composition shingle, the damage is impossible to detect from the ground. What may start as a few granules coming off your roof and into your gutters and driveway after a storm can eventually turn into severe roofing issues often times resulting in leaks, voided manufacturer warranties, and interior damage. Let one of SFCG representatives conduct a thorough evaluation and handle your hail damage restoration from start to finish. Don’t be uninformed. What you don’t know may cost you money and cause substantial damage down the road.


There are many Texas roofers but as a professional roofing company in Texas, we have had to work hard on every job to set ourselves apart from our competition. And we do. Quality roofing and consistent top-notch customer service sets us apart from our competitors. We are especially proud to be a Local, independently owned family business. We work hard at continuing to build on our stellar reputation with with our customers. As roofing contractors in Texas, we uphold the strong customer-service and quality work our Texas customers demand. If you are looking for quality roof installation and roof repair in Texas. we are your company.

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Kyle was timely and professional. He fit us into his schedule and fixed our cap for our water heater. He noticed that our flashback needed to nailed in and did that as well. We will be using them again.

Henry Covert

Quotte Roofing Company

Kyle and Sean have accomplished the lofty goal of having professionalism and roofing in the same sentence. They were all about customer service from start to finish and we are very happy with their work!

Kimberly Bowman

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Service First Construction Groups name speaks for itself! Service REALLY is first!! Kyle did a great job taking care of us and finished the job in one day!

Cameron Lilly