If you feel like a room in your home is too dark for your tastes, you may want to consider installing a skylight.  Skylights can offer an abundance of light into the darkest of rooms.  For the best effect, the skylight should be located directly below the roof, although some skylights will also work below the attic.

However, before you start tearing a hole in your roof, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting into.  We've presented some beneficial information below so that you may make a more informed decision as to whether a skylight is the best choice for you.

Natural Lighting

When adding a skylight, you will increase the natural light you can provide in the room.  The addition can be a great benefit to those rooms that do not currently have any windows, or the windows may be blocked by a tree or another building which cuts down on the flow of light into the room. Studies have shown that abundant natural light can aid in reducing, if not preventing, depression.

Possible Glare

Imperative to remember is that not all skylights are created equal and that you need to make sure that you install the proper type for your situation.  Many skylights will cause glare, which will only make the house too bright and hot. When this happens, most often, the room is seldom used, and items situated in the room will be prone to fading. If you find that the skylight you have installed does have a glare, you have the option of installing a shade or a light filter after the fact.

Enhance The Room Size

In most cases, regular lighting cannot reach all the nooks and corners within the room, which can often lead to the room not appearing inviting.  However, with the placement of a skylight, every corner of the room will be bathed in light and will have the added benefit of giving the room a larger appearance through the process of bringing the outside in.

Energy Efficient

When choosing the proper type of skylight, you may notice a reduction in the overall costs of your heating and cooling bills.  For decades, skylights have had the reputation of costing more in energy expenditures rather than reducing it, primarily because of being installed improperly.  Today, skylight manufacturers offer products with improved and proven efficiency when it comes to energy.

Better Control of Light

Today’s skylights come in various shapes that allow you to control where the light will go within the room.  Those skylights that flare towards the sidewill diffuse and spread the light out within the room, while those that have straight sides will, in contrast, provide the light in a more direct line.

Limits Heat

Texas is known for its days of brutal heat, and that heat can quickly make your favorite room in the house uncomfortable.  For this reason, it would be in your best interest to choose a skylight with tempered and double-insulated glass and a coating that is Low-E rated.  Choose one featuring a bronze tint and argon gas between the individual panes if possible.  With this type of skylight, you can use it on either the west or south sides of the home and still be comfortable.

Can Open or Vent

In many areas, Texas included, the room can still become hot if the skylight does not have a special coating on it.  Opting for a skylight that you can open can alleviate this problem. With a skylight that opens or vents, you can decrease the hot air in the room by introducing the circulation of fresh air.  Skylights such as these are sold with a manual or motorized opening.


Skylights have made significant changes over the decades ,one of which is offered with sensors that detect heat and rain.  An automatic skylight will sense when the room is too hot and will open to allow heat to escape and fresh air to circulate in.  Similarly, the skylight will close when the sensor detects moisture, such as when it rains. Some of these types of skylights are also available with programmable remotes.

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