Winter doesn't only affect you, but it can have a significant and direct effect on your roof and its structure. Fully understanding the signs of potential weather damage and knowing how to take the required steps for repair is essential knowledge for any homeowner.  

We have curated a list of cold weather issues to keep an eyeout for:

- Ice Dams

When enough ice is allowed to accumulate on your roof, the end result will be the formation of ice dams. Ice dams are created when ice and snow melt and proceed to flow downward off of the roof and then proceeds to freeze at the very edge of the roof. When ice dams form, they pose the possibility of significant damage to the gutters along with the possibility of damaging and tearing the roofs flashing.

- Freezing and Thawing

The accumulation of ice and snow on the roof can also pose a problem with forming cracks. These cracks, even the tiniest ones in size, can potentially allow water to seep in and cause a significant issue to develop with your roof. You will not only have the potential for water leaking into your home, but the cracks can grow and become much more prominent. There is also the possibility that there will be no leaks, but rather the water will freeze and cause the crack to expand, which is a whole other issue in and of itself.

- Damage To Gutters

Throughout the year, and especially in the fall months, your home's gutter will fill with debris, such as falling leaves. The debris will then proceed to clog up your gutters, and when it rains or snows during freezing weather, the result will be the formation of icicles. Icicles can often become very heavy, making them not only dangerous for anyone who walks under them, but they can also damage your gutters and, as a result, your roof.

- Structural Collapse

With homes that have been built to be up to code, this is a somewhat rare occurrence. However, when your roof is inundated with heavy snowfalls, the weight of the precipitation can stress the roof's overall structure. It could result in it collapsing in if not properly removed. Worth noting is that the improper removal of snow from the roof can be just as, if not more, dangerous and damaging as the weight of the snow itself. Do not use a snow shovel for removal or apply any type of rock salt, as these may damage shingles and tiles and void any existing warranty for your roofing materials.

- Tree Branches

When snow and ice collect onto trees and their limbs, the extra weight allows the potential for them to break off and come crashing down—and possibly onto your roof! There is not only the possibility that you will see damage to your shingles or tiles but there can also be the problem of structural damage.

- Skylight Leakage

Skylights are constructed and designed with what are referred to as weep holes. These holes are a means to release any condensation from your home's interior. However, more often than not, during the winter months, these holes can quickly become blocked by both snow and ice. Suppose the interior condensation has no means of escaping. In that case, it will leak back into your home and onto the surrounding roof area, which can then cause water damage leading to further structural damage.

Know The Warning Signs

- Creaking noises

Many homeowners write these sounds off as the home "settling."  However,if the sounds are present during or following heavy snow, it may be a warning that your home is headed for structural failure

- Ceilings that droop

A sure indication that trouble is afoot, drooping ceilings mean that either the ice and snow are too heavy for your roof or there is already water damage to the underlying structure.

- Cracks in walls

Also commonly seen with foundation issues, cracked walls can also be an indication of stress to the overall structure.

- Leaks

The number one method of identifying problems from heavy ice and snowfall is the appearance of leaks in the home's ceiling.  The leak usually is an indication of possible structural problems to come.

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