Although the concept of solar panels for residential use is not all that new, the idea still poses a few challenges.  The primary challenge is the scarcity of those homeowners shown to have installed the panels and can speak to their pros and cons.  Unlike when you purchase a car, where plenty of individuals can weigh in on the good and the bad, the number of solar users contains a far smaller number.

There is also the fact that installing solar panels on your roof is a purchase that needs significant thought.  The stakes are immense if you decide that the choice is a mistake and is not for you, it would be pretty hard to give up and consider it a lesson learned.  

With that said, with electrical costs on the rise and no chance of the prices going anywhere but up, more and more are considering turning to the thoughts of installing solar. As the number of solar customers increases, the cost of solar continues to come down.

When installing solar roof panels, you must first consider a few key elements.

Roof Support

Perhaps one of the most essential elements is if your roof can support the panels.  If your home is primarily in the shade most of the day and throughout most of the year, it may not be positioned to be able to receive enough sunlight and may not overall justify the cost of installing the panels. The position of your home's roof is the first step when considering installing solar panels.  Suppose you reside in an apartment or multi-family building.  In that case, you may still be able to enjoy solar power by looking into not having your own setup but looking into a solar community group.

If your roof receives sunlight, you will need to make sure that it is structurally sound to support the weight of the panels.  Many solar installation company offers a warranty on their product of anywhere from 20 to 25 years.  With this consideration, if you feel that there may be a need for repairs or renovations to your roof in a few years, it would be in your best interest to get them done before installing the panels.

Efficiency Improvement

When considering the possibility of installing solar panels on your roof, you will need to pre-determine how much solar energy you will need the panels to produce.  The best move is to factor in how much energy you will need before choosing the number of panels to install.  An energy audit is the best choice here as you attempt to look for ways to curb your use of power, making it more efficient.

Type of Solar

There are two standard solar technologies on the market--photovoltaic and thermal.  Photovoltaic gathers sunlight via cell arrays creating electricity, whereas thermal uses sunlight to heat water and air for use inside. If you use a significant amount of energy to heat your home, or the prices of heating fuel in your area are high and going higher, then an investment in thermal solar may be for you. However, keep in mind that thermal solar is a rarer choice for homes, as it can be more challenging to find an installer that is qualified.

Connecting to the Grid

Although the specifics can vary widely depending on the location in which you live, the fact remains that if you connect to a utility,there are many logistics to consider. Some questions that arise are: is there a fee involved?  How long can you expect it to take to get hooked up?  Once you have been connected,how long and in what manner will you be credited for any electricity you may generate?

Buy or Lease

Logic only stands to reason that if you buy your system, the up-front cost could be considerable.  On the other hand, leasing can afford you cheaper electricity with no upfront costs and little to no money down.  Keep in mind that leasing a system will also limit your benefits, one of which allows the company you contract with to retain ownership of the system and when the lease is up, could take the system back. If you choose to purchase the system, there is the chance it will continue working well into the future after it has been paid off.

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