Throughout the years, products used in building homes have continued to evolve and improve. Those improvements continue today, with an emphasis on helping today's homes become more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

When looking to upgrade or install roofing on new construction, the type of material used can greatly impact your home's overall impact on the environment around it. The choice of roofing on your home will significantly aid in this.

When looking at what is available on the market today in terms of roofing, there is quite a selection of eco-friendly options. As with most other products, each opportunity is unique and offers various advantages and disadvantages.

Your home's roofing option will depend significantly on various specific circumstances, which we will present below.

Clay Tiles

Available in varying styles and colors, clay tiles also prove to be somewhat energy-efficient. Clay tiles prevent the hot air from being trapped and allow it to circulate. The roofing is relatively low-maintenance and can be easily replaced if one breaks. The downside is that they are neither cheap in price nor cheap to have installed. Like their counterpart slate tiles below, clay tiles require adding support to the existing structure so that the roof will not bow and collapse due to the added weight of the tiles.

Cool Roofs

One option that is increasingly becoming the most popular choice is that of a cool roof. Containing a mixture of gravel and white glue, this type of roof works to reflect the sun's rays, reducing the use of both electricity and air conditioning in the warmer months. There is also the consideration that the types of material used in the construction of this type of roof prove to last much longer than other traditional style roofs.

Living Roof

Unlike the other roofing options on this list that utilize manufactured materials, living roofs are just like they sound, and they turn your roof into a living garden. A living roof is hands down the most eco-friendly roofing option available today. Not only do living roofs offer a long life span, but they can significantly boost the home's overall thermal performance while at the same time working on the overall quality of air in the area. Keep in mind that, due to the weight of the plants and dirt involved, there is a significant amount of preparation and maintenance required when considering this roofing option.

Metal Roofing

When it comes to popularity at the moment, metal roofing seems to have it hands down. Constructed of either recycled or new metal, this roofing works to bounce the rays from the sun upward and away from the home's roof, lessening the use of air conditioning. Metal roofing has lifelong expectancy and is widely available in various styles and alloys, making it one of the more favored and versatile options for roofing on this list.

Slate Tiles

When looking for overall durability, make sure to take a look at slate tiles. Slate tiles are a sturdy choice that offers long life, fire resistance, and an appearance that is nothing short of stunning. The only real downfall of slate roofing is that it can be challenging to install, requiring an experienced roofer versed in how to install the tiles correctly. The tiles also tend to be somewhat weighty and most often require extra support to the roofing structure.

Solar Roofing

When considering solar roofing, it is essential to mention that solar is unique in its vary natures and available in several different forms—most solar panels can be placed on the existing roof or tile that constructs the primary roof itself. Installing solar roofing will prove a significant cost upfront, but it will save the homeowner exponentially on future electricity bills over the roofing's lifetime. Not only is the roofing almost maintenance-free and long-lasting, but some homeowners may also see tax breaks. Wood Shingles

Wood shingles still remain one of the popular options because they offer a rustic and classic appeal. Through the years, wood shingles have proven to be a reliable and durable option, with the convenience of the availability of colors and the ease of staining. They are also eco-friendly in that they are a recyclable product that can be utilized in other ways. The one downside to this type of roofing is that wood shingles can be quite costly and need to be replaced within 15-20 years.

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