When a hail storm hits, the first concern of most individuals is the damage it may cause to their vehicle.  However, most do not consider that the roof of their home is just as vulnerable to significant damage that could result in costly future repairs.  Much like each hail storm is different, the amount of damage each can cause can also differ greatly.

Many different factors determine the type of damage your home may receive, as well as the degree of the damage.  Each style of the roofing will present with different identifying characteristics of hail damage, and we will look at some of them below.

-         Barriers – making sure to have strategically placed barriers, such as tree cover, fences, landscaping, or even the positioning of your own home in relation to your neighbors, can significantly reduce hail from having the ability to cause damage.

-         Density and Size – hail stone size and density can play a significant role in the overall damage that your roof may receive.  Hails stones vary in size, depending on the strength of the storm they are attached to and can range from pea-sized up to softball-sized.  There is also the fact that hailstones do not have smooth edges, affecting the type of damage that your roof endures.

-         Materials Involved – the materials that your roof is constructed with will also determine how it holds up in a hailstorm.  Different materials can absorb the impacts of hail stones differently. For example, aluminum siding, gutters, and asphalt shingles can sustain dings and dents from a hail storm, whereas vinyl siding and wooden shaker tiles will commonly crack.  Hail stones the size of softballs have often been reported to have been dense enough to puncture holes in roofs.  The current condition of the roof, as well as its age, can play an added role in how much damage it receives.

-         Wind – where there is a hail storm, there will be wind – a lot of wind.  During the storm, the wind will gust, and its speed and directions can vary from moment to moment.  With these constant changes of direction and speed, hail damage can affect a wide area of your roof.

Hail Damage To Your Roof

When struck by hail, not all shingles will react similarly.  For example, asphalt shingles that encounter hail damage will appear significantly different than wood shingles. To correctly identify and determine if your roof has suffered from hail damage, you will need to know the signs to look for depending on the roof type you have.

-        Asphalt and Composite Shingles

·        Random with no discernable pattern present

·        Black areas indicate where the hail hit the surface

·        Loss of granules that exposed the felt underneath

·        The shiny appearance of the asphalt

·        When touched, the dimples from hail impact are soft such as an apple bruise.

-         Wood Shingles

·        Random with no discernable pattern present

·        A brown or orange colored split in the shingle

·        Sharp cornered or edged splits

·        Little to no deterioration in a split

·        Split shows dents or marks from impact along the edge

Remember, shingles may receive other forms of damage that can easily be mistaken at first glance for hail damage.  The constant day-in and day-out exposure to the sun and inclement weather can give shingles an aged appearance and cause them to turn brittle.  Unfortunately,these forms of damage are part of the shingle's everyday wear and tear.  However, it doe not mean that it is not mistaken for damage from hail storms. Other forms of wear and tear may be present, including cracking, blistering, loss of granules, algae, and flaking.  Also commonly mistaken for hail damage are defects and imperfections that are part of the manufacturing process.

When a storm hits, and wind and hail are present, damage to your roof from a hail storm is a distinct possibility.  Although other forms of damage can be mistaken for hail damage, a professional roofing contractor will have the knowledge to know what to look for and how to identify the exact cause of any damage to your roof.

If you find you need a roofing contractor in the Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, and Conroe areas, look no further than the most trusted roofing company in Texas, Service First Construction.  We offer and provide a wide range of roofing services, including roof installation, roof repair, roof maintenance, and various other construction services. Contact us today, and we would be happy to schedule an appointment time that works within your schedule to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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